Game based empowerment

gameWise combines socially committed games with digital tools to support youngsters in their personal development towards active and self-conscious citizens.

The gameWise-way

GameWise focuses on game based empowerment to help young people grow intoactive, self-conscious and digital citizens in a fast changing society. Together with youngsters we develop long-term learning experiences. This results in Serious Urban Games®, interactive digital city games that establish an open dialogue on social issues. Involving youngsters in the co-creation process allows us to connect with their social environment and at the same time increases their autonomous motivation.


For schools

Socially relevant playing and game based learning, for all teachers and educational workers.

For youthwork

A serious amount of fun and playful training sessions, for all those who works with youngsters.

Steden Gemeenten

For cities and municipalities

Connecting games and extensive support, for policy that's concerned about young people’s opinion and future

For organisations and companies

Playing on the job, customised games and collaboration opportunities, for organisations and companies that want to close (social) gaps.


Custom made games

Would you like to create your own custom made game (or have one created) on a theme that your organisation or municipality is passionate about? Do you also see an opportunity to empower youngsters in a playful and creative way? In a customised co-creation process, together with partners, youngsters and experts we will develop a game that fits your content, target group and story.


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