Now we are gameWise!

After a period of 13 years going by the name of [ew32], we have rebranded ourselves in october 2020 to gameWise. The reason being that a new story adapted to the current rapid societal changes desires a new name. With the same conviction as before, we at gameWise are fully concentrating on digital and social innovation in the educational and youth work field and are even more firmly standing our ground with our unique focus on game based empowerment.

Our ambition in a nutshell? Going beyond ‘ learning through play’. While the ‘Wise’ in our name still refers to the educational purposes and new insights, we want to express with the joined name ‘gameWise’ our entry into the challenge of empowerment of the youth in a broader sense: our experience has learned us that gaming does not only address the intrinsic motivation of youngsters but also serves a tool to build bridges between local governments, services, organisations and youngsters. As such we will actively support the youth in self reliance and active citizenship.

Our rebranding does not mean we have cut ties with our past. You may see this change as a mutation of our DNA that would not have been possible without our establishments and expertise gained under the old name [ew32]. No stress if you still would address us by using our previous name, we’re always willing to look back even with our almost completely new team!