CONNEXT for inclusion (ESF-project)

CONNEXT for inclusion is an international ESF-project (European Social Fund) that focuses on increasing the labour market chances and diminishing school drop out rate of youngsters with a migration background via game-based learning.

For this project, gameWise and Arteveldehogeschool collaborate with a number of Finnish, Swedish and Flemish partners. In flanders, our stakeholders are vzw aPart, Groep INTRO en Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel.

The international section: game based learning network

Internationally efforts are being made to exchange the best practices on game-based learning, to work with motivation and to connect societal vulnerable target groups to the society. Difficult themes as gender equality are not avoided. gameWise shares its expertise in this project on game-based learning and co-creation with the icing on the cake: an on site co-creation process with the Swedish target group and trainers to create a Swedish version of our Serious Urban Game #WORK™. Also the online co-creation of a game on gender equality was initiated by us. Together with our partners we are elaborating on an online handbook on game-based learning & empowerment.

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A timeline of the project

March 2019
The first transnational meeting with Swedish, Finnish and Flemish partners of the project has taken place. On the agenda: get to know the existing Serious Urban Game® #WORK™, a co-creation lab on the new CONNEXT game that will be developed, some visits to Flemish organisations and a networking day.

May 2019
gameWise goes to Karlstad, Zweden for a coaching workshop from local trainers during an intensive co-creation process. We work on an adjusted version of #WORK™ and have received feedback of a big group of newcomers on game content and game design. The game is tested and adjusted to the local context.

December 2019
Partner meeting in Karlstad, Zweden with the whole group. We play the locally adjusted #WORK Sweden and big steps are made in the development of our common network on game based learning.

March 2020
The set up of a serie of online co-creation labs to develop a common game on gender equality. The COVID19-crisis hits the CONNEXT project too. The partner meeting that was planned in the end of March in Helsinki is rescheduled to the end of August, hoping that travelling in the EU is possible by then...

August 2020
...what was not the case in the end. Rising Swedish and Belgian curves cause the decision of not organising a partner meeting in real life. A first online partner meeting is organised instead. The highlight of this online three day meeting is the Gamified Diamonds Seminar on gamified education and digital youth work. Lectures of keynote speakers are alternated with the exchange between different partners, and are concluded with an online game-based learning experience: The Gamified Diamonds game. You can read our experiences on this blog post.

October 2020
The game on gender equality is further being developed with the Swedish partner. They are pursuing the first Learning Labs with the target group. The handbook is getting shape meanwhile…

The Flemish Section: Trust In Education

In the Flanders gameWise deals in this project with the co-creative development of a new Serious Urban Game® that could be used as a preventive tool against early school drop out. The main target groups are youngsters with a migration background and with higher chances of an early school drop out. Flemish research shows that youngsters who do not master the Dutch language (thoroughly) leave school more often than native Dutch speakers. You can find more information on the Flemish section of the project on the project website.

In 2019 we visited 15 different schools and youth organisations to collaborate with teachers/counselors to create content for this new game. Schools of almost all different parts of our education system participated in the intensive co-creation process. In addition vzw Apart participated with a group of youngsters and counselors to the NAFT-traject. Also the volunteers of the Vlaamse Scholieren Koepel participated in the series of 3 co-creation labs.

In 2020 the game is tested by different schools and youth organisations. The game is adjusted to the corona reality and was played simultaneously on the first of September 2020 by 5 classes (incl. teacher).

Schools interested to test/play Trust In Education for free cancontact us.

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