CONNEXT for inclusion: the games

CONNEXT is an international ESF project in which Flemish, Finnish and Swedish partners work together on empowerment through game based learning. The aim of the project is to to prevent exclusion, school dropouts and unemployment among young migrants and refugees. Discover the games that were developped throughout this project

#Work sfeerfoto

#Work Sweden

Goal: Guide (young) migrants and (future) jobseekers on their way to working life and give them insight into the functioning of the Swedish labour market.
Method: In interaction with local citizens and organisations, players learn how to create a resume or motivation video, discover their skills and competences and practice a job interview.
Development: Co-creation labs with migrants in Karlstad.

Trust logo blauw rond

Trust In Education

Theoretical framework: Self Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan)
Goal: Prevent school drop-outs by augmenting the autonomous motivation of youngsters to go to school.
Method: In a series of challenges a class of students, together with their teacher, finds out what connects them, how they can gain more autonomy and how they can validate their own competences and skills.
Development: Co-creation labs with over 250 youngsters (15-19 years old), teachers and youthworkers from all layers of the school system and from all over the country.
Co-creation partners: Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, vzw aPart, Groep Intro, Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel (VSK).

LDM Horizontale Still Zelfbeeld copyright

Lockdown Minds™

Goal: Strengthen youngsters mental balance, increase their ability to help peers and guide them towards (online) help.
Method: By helping virtual roommates to become more resilient, players reflect on how to apply the acquired skills in real-life.
Development: Online co-creation with youngsters, teachers and experts. Real life co-creation with youngsters and youth workers from different organisations.
Co-creation partners: Cachet vzw, Arktos vzw, vzw aPart, Groep INTRO.