Hooray! We are completely corona proof!

gameWise vzw has worked hard to develop and offer Serious Urban Games® in safe conditions without compromising the quality of the games.

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Lockdown Minds™

In times of lockdown, social distancing and staying at home, paying attention to the mental well-being of youngsters is key! But especially in these days of lockdown it is hard to find support and help. That’s why gameWise vzw developed a free online game to play in these weird times: Lockdown Minds™. The game can be played on our platform.

Game sessions

We are convinced it is important to keep on offering our regular games in full corona crisis to be able to focus on the game based empowerment of youngsters. This obviously required some adjustments.

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Concrete measures during the game sessions

  • Everyone wears a mask
  • The distance rules are kept in mind
  • The use of material is limited as much as possible.
  • Tablets are disinfected after every usage.
  • We provide disinfecting gel and sprays for hands and material
  • The games are played per class and in a restricted group
  • Missions requiring contact with third parties will be adapted or replaced by an online minigame

We ask all participants and organisers to always follow the safety measures and to inform us in case of contamination with covid-19 in their school, association or organisation until 14 days after the contact had taken place.

Game development

During the development of our games we collaborate with youngsters and experts from the field. Also during this period we care about their input and we do all the possible to keep working with them. As such we can continue developing new games that respond to the current needs of youngsters and we can focus on adapting our existing games to the changing society. Questions about your game session, gamelab or collaboration?