No Credit, Game Over!®

No Credit, Game Over!®​ is a Serious Urban Game​®​ about debt and how to avoid or limit them. The experiential game gives youngsters an insight in the issue of debt, introduces them to various causes of money issues and lets them investigate different strategies to reduce large debts. Meanwhile attention still needs to be paid to selfcare.

The game

You are broke and the bills keep piling up, what now? Take on the role of a character in dept and set off to reduce your debt burden. Equipped with your tablet you’ll visit different local organisations who give you tips & tricks to solve your financial problems and teach you how to avoid them in the future. Get to know where to go with your questions about budget management and what the mutual health insurance, the union and the social service can do for you. Try to do everything you can to keep up your balance, but watch out: do also pay attention to keep up your energy level.

No credit game over green red


  • Target group: 16+
  • Number of participants: max 25
  • Duration: 3 uur
  • GameCompanions: VDAB, the public centre for social welfare (OCMW), health insurance services, employment agencies, bank offices, JAC, the police, …

Playing corona proof or at school?

This game can be played in full compliance with the applicable measures in the city. Moreover there is also a possibility to play the game at school. Make sure to check our page about covid-19 or contact us for more information.


No Credit, Game Over!​®​ was developed in co-creation with 400 enthusiastic youngsters. In creative and intensive Learning-, Game- en TestLabs they conducted self-research, mapping and game mechanics. This resulted in a unique and socialising experience customised to youngsters (16-22) in a language they totally understand: the one of modern media and new communication tools.