Trust In Education

Trust In Education™ is a Serious Urban Game​® about trust in education. In a series of challenges a class of students, together with their teacher, find out what connects them, how they can gain more autonomy, and how they can validate their own competences and skills. They explore how the school can increase the well-being of student and question the educational system as a whole. Students can give suggestions to make the current education correspond better with their development. All input from the game will be sent to the school and to different policymakers in order to adapt the current educational system to students expectations in life.

The game

You have been going to school all life long; “It is important” they say, but does our education prepare us well for the future? In the game Trust in Education you strengthen the connection with your fellow students and teachers to find out what really connects you. In this group dynamic and interactive serious game you reflect about school, the educational system, what motivates you, the quality of your learning experience and how this links to your (view on your) future! Your voice is heard by the teacher and the school, but will also be translated to the policymakers.

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  • Target group: 12+
  • Number of participants: max 25
  • Duration: 3 hours or flexible
  • GameCompanions: fellow students, teachers, school board, students counsil…

Test the game yourself?

Trust in Education™, our most recent Serious Urban Game​®​ is currently in its last phase of development. The game is a part of the ESF-project Connext for inclusion and focuses on trust in the educational system. Do you also want to play and test the game? Contact us.

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