#Work™​ is a Serious Urban Game​® that helps young (future) jobseekers on their way to the labour market in a playful manner. This innovative game focuses on the specific questions and expectations of youngsters, giving them insight into the functioning of the labour market.

The game

Almost graduated but no idea what to do now? Play #Work™ and unravel all the secrets of the labour market. Learn how to create a resume in a creative way, discover your own skills and competences, experiment with motivation videos and try to bring your solicitation to a successful conclusion. With your team and a tablet you will dive into the city and discover the facets of the labour market through various local and online organisations.

Work red


  • Target group: 16+
  • Number of Participants: max 25
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • GameCompanions: VDAB, employment agencies, local and online employers, social services, the union, …

Playing corona proof or at school?

This game can be played in full compliance with the applicable measures in the city. Moreover there is also a possibility to play the game at school. Make sure to check our page about covid-19or contact us for more information.