Meet the team!

Meet our team that is enthusiastically committed to game based empowerment of youngsters!


Dagwin Decru

managing coordinator

Like a true captain, Dagwin steers our organisation through storms and levees, unwavering in his commitment to a future of growth and expansion. In his role as general coördinator and having come from the industry, he brings new insights to put gameWise on the map even more. As the oldest member of our team, he is firmly setting the course for a bright future.


Hanne Van Vlierberghe

project manager

Hanne is the central cog in the GameWise machine. She is an essential link in our daily operations and the go-to person for our partners and customers. She is responsible for research and coördinates a number of co-creation processes concerning our games. Hanne, a purebred Ravenclaw, has organised boardgame nights before, and worked on a number of serious games in the healthcare sector during her studies. She joined gameWise as a committed freelance GameMaster and is now a permanent member of the gameWise team.


Marjolein Schabregs

communication manager

Marjolein spreads our gameWise message like a digital cloud over the web and social media. Marjolein loves playing Saboteur but you can also make her happy with other games or a spot in a theatre performance. As a teacher and youth worker, Marjolein became adept at guiding different target groups. She is only too happy to put this pedagogical knowledge to use during the co-creation of new games. In addition, Marjolein has experience as an online content marketer in the game industry and is therefore better suited than anyone to take on the communication of gameWise.