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Game based empowerment

Game based empowerment motivates youngsters to learn, it contributes to the development of new skills and it strengthens their personality and self esteem. Curious how you can introduce games to empower youngsters?

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Get started with our Serious Urban Games® and get trained as GameMaster, GameDirector or GameCreator. Through our platform you can guide, modify or compose your own games and play one of our games completely independently. Curious about the possibilities of our platform?

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Cocreation labs

In order to develop a Serious Urban Game® , gameWise collaborates intensively with youngsters and experts. The input of the target group is indispensable to us. Schools and associations are given the opportunity to make their youngsters part of this unique co-creation processs. The youngsters delve deeper into a social theme and play an active role in the creation process. They learn how a serious game is built, get to know different game mechanisms and learn how to implement them in the game. Every participating group can test the developed game for free at the end of the traject. Interested in working on a Serious Urban Game®?