gameWise combines socially engaged play with digital tools to support youngsters in their personal growth towards active and self-conscious citizens.

gameWise is an officially recognized organisation of ‘Information and Participation’ within the youth and children’s rights policy. We organise (socially) inclusive co-creating processes and game sessions in educational and youth work institutions in Flanders, The Netherlands and Sweden.

gameWise, formally known as [ew32], is an organisation that was founded 13 years ago by Lieve Achten. She pioneered in the domain of game-based learning in Europe with the development and distribution of multiple Serious Urban Games®. The new team will take on board this wealth of experience into the new narrative of gameWise:

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Empowerment — emPower Up!

gameWise informs, activates and empowers young people towards positive growth in their personality and makes it possible for them to play an active role in the environment around them. Together with today’s youth we explore through our games and co-creations how they can relate to the social challenges of the 21st century in an open conversation. Inclusivity and reinforcement of the internal motivation are crucial objectives within this process. gameWise also furthers their trajectory by referring young people to relevant services and organisations

MutationIt’s morphing time

Youth culture and the use of digital (learning) resources are subject to continuous change. External factors like the coronavirus, financial crises and new ethical issues force us to adapt in a radical way. Education and youth work have to reinvent themselves and arm against different forms of uncertainty. gameWise reinforces these sectors through innovation, co-creation, different types of games and digitization.

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Co-creation — Get together & make it happen

What person counts solely on their own knowledge and experience in this day and age? gameWise puts its trust in shared learning: everyone's an expert through experience on certain specific issues or elements of living. Our co-creating method allow us to better connect with our demographic and cater to their needs, this way we can also verify if a game or digital tool still fulfills its purpose effectively.

Social innovation — Innovate before it’s too late

gameWise joins different types of expertise and know-how to highlight societal challenges from different angles and addresses them accordingly. Our tools and games have a solid support base from the get-go and strive for inclusivity. That way gameWise explicitly contributes to social innovation.

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Local impact Be Global, Play Local

With our Serious Urban Games® and co-creation labs we introduce important global and societal issues to the psychological and physical world of young people in the context of their own city or district. We expand the worldly view through stories, characters and new insights — We aim for a local impact by exploring social context and strengthening exchange between the youth and local services, schools and organisations.

Involvement — No bridge too far

gameWise believes that there are more bridges needed between young people on one side and policies, organisations and services from the private and public sector on the other side. This is why we ourselves also act as mediators and intermediaries to solidify a support base for the initiatives of youngsters and make sure their feedback and input finds its way towards local policies.

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Support base digitization — Close the gap!

gameWise plays a pioneering role in increasing the support base for digitization within the youth sector. It offers its own digital platform where teachers and youth workers can organise and lead their own game sessions in an accessible and user friendly way. We propose trainings in how to apply the different digital game dynamics and use the platform as a digital toolbox tailored to the needs of an array of different youngsters, adapted to their digital skills and specific grade in education.

Who makes this possible?

gameWise is totally commited tot empowerment, mutation, co-creation, social innovation, local impact, involvement and creating a support base for digitization. This wouldn't be possible without our fantastic team, working day in day out to empower young people via Serious Urban Games®! Curious to know about our team and talk to them?