Update Lockdown Minds™

The world trembles... And it makes the youth waver. That's why we keep working for online tools and guidance to offer youngster structural support. One of those tools is the online serious game Lockdown Minds™.

Why Lockdown Minds™?

A side effect of the Corona Crisis not to be underestimated is the negative impact on the mental wellbeing of a lot of youngsters. Even those who normally feel good about themselves or have a stable home life, can easily be destabilized by the different measures that have been put into place. Youngsters in precarious situations face even more hardship as such.

Serious Urban Games® create a physical and digital interaction between the youth and the services of the city or municipality in which they live. The current crisis motivated us to provide an urgent contribution to the online youth work programmes being offered to youngsters. For this reason, we developed the serious online game Lockdown Minds™ tailored to young people in isolation and using the same urban-vibe as the original group dynamic city game.

Whilst playing Lockdown Minds™ youngsters learn how to better remain in balance during these psychologically demanding times. They experience what purpose they can serve for others and are guided towards the existing social services.

Players start in the game in a student dormitory in lockdown. As newcomers they have to get to know their fellow students better. By listening to them and helping them with small and even smaller problems, they gradually reinforce the mental wellbeing of the other characters. Subjects like sexting, social fears, loneliness, performance anxiety and identity crisis are being examined.

More than 1700 youngsters have already played the game and 500 of these have given their feedback. Together with our partner organisations we are currently organising different co-creation journeys together with youngsters Together with these youngsters we are working on a full remake of the game that suits their needs even better and interconnects with their community. Moreover the minigames from the game are being offered separately as a conversation starter between youngsters and a mentor.

With this profound update of the game, we are aiming higher and further, we want to reach more youngsters and provide them with the tools to find emotional and mental stability during this difficult period of time. The game lowers the threshold to talk about their mental state but will also guide the youngsters to the appropriate social services so that they can take matters in their own hands to seek and accept the need for help. Empowering the youth on a social and mental level is what we are fully committed to!

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Een nieuwe naam

De update van het spel krijgt een eigen naam.
Wie de eerste editie van het spel speelde, zal een aantal zaken herkennen maar het verschil is zo groot dat we dit spel niet gewoon nummer 2 wilden noemen. Met een nieuwe grafische stijl, herschreven gesprekken, meer minigames maar vooral met extra onderwerpen, taboebrekers, gespreksstarters en meer doorverwijzingen naar hulpverlening, verdient dit spel het om als een volwaardig nieuw spel gezien te worden: Lockdown Minds!

Extra steun van Departement Jeugd

We zouden deze update van Lockdown Minds™ niet kunnen doorvoeren zonder de extra steun van het Departement Jeugd van de Vlaamse Overheid. Check hier wat de bevoegde minister Benjamin Dalle zelf te vertellen heeft over onze cocreatielabs op maat van jongeren uit kansengroepen.